Welcome to Temenos Retreat Center

Winter came late to Mount Mineral this season.  It might be officially spring, but we are still in winter conditions.  Please come prepared with crampons or snowshoes.

Temenos is an off-the-grid, non-denominational retreat center located on Mount Mineral, in Shutesbury, about a half hour northeast of Amherst, Massachusetts. The name Temenos is a Greek word meaning the sacred space surrounding a temple or an altar.  Carl Jung used this same word to refer to one’s interior space, where soul-making takes place.  Here at Temenos we remember our own sacredness, as we immerse ourselves in the quiet of the deep forest, and embrace with respect, all the woodland inhabitants within this naturally occurring temenos.

Our website is chock full of information, and ever expanding, as time and technology allow.  Check out all the drop-down menus to get the full picture.  You will find information about all four Cabins and the seasonal Lodge.  Directions are available to download and print out.  Also ways to give, volunteer and support Temenos are described.  Be sure to “like” us on Facebook!  As always we are open to your suggestions, and grateful for your support.  Thank you!  See you on the mountain!

Elizabeth M. Witham, Resident Director


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