Wish List

Be sure and ask Elizabeth what’s currently needed.  Thank you!


~ceramic teapots for Pine and Mu Cabins (Thrush & Knoll Cabins have one)
~ unscented tea lights, unique tea light holders
~ quilts, cotton and wool blankets (single and double-sized)
~ single-size and double-size futon and mattress covers
~ clean gallon-sized plastic jugs with screw-on lids
~ toilet paper (septic safe, unscented, 100% recycled product if possible)
~ Dr. Bronner’s castille peppermint soap – any size
~ large wood kitchen matches (USA Diamond Greenlight from sustainable forests)
~ newspaper (glossy pages, tv guides and circulars removed, please)
~ medium and large size wooden cutting boards
~ single-size dense foam mattresses with covers
~ AAA, AA and D size batteries
~ small, round, octagonal and standard size picnic tables
~ Jotul wood-burning stoves and stove parts #602