Planning Your Retreat


Please call a day or two before your arrival to get instructions on where to park and unload.  Now that we are entering winter months plan for the 3/4 mile hike up Horse Hill Road.  Sleds for hauling gear are provided.  During your stay in a Temenos Cabin please bring the following items:

• Printed Driving Directions

• rope or bungie cords to tie provisions to sleds

• appropriate winter clothing, hat, gloves, etc.

• waterproof footwear or hiking boots

• snowshoes, crampons (we suggest Kahtoola Microspikes), hiking poles

• wash cloth, hand and bath towels, toiletries

• unscented tea lights (tea light holders provided)

• flashlight and/or headlamp with extra batteries

• food and drink you will prepare at your cabin

• containers for left-overs, compost, recyclables and trash (pack it in/pack it out)

• warm slippers, extra socks

• cooler for storing food and keeping mice out

• pillow cases, bed sheets or sleeping bags (bed pillows and mattresses provided)

• donations – please see our Wish List

All four Cabins have: beds, bed pillows, blankets, table and chairs, wood stoves, firewood, kindling boxes, 2 burner propane cooktops, dishes, utensils, cookware, kerosene lamp, tea light holders, matches, eco-friendly dish soap, dish towel, toilet paper and brooms for sweeping.  We are a “pay-it-forward” culture.  You will be given a checklist to guide you in preparing the cabin for the next guests.  Thank you!                                                                        (photo: Rose Stanley)

Thank you for leaving animal companions at home. Only Licensed Certified working Service Animals are allowed. You must properly dispose of your animal’s waste.